Kashmir Production

About Us

Kashmir Production is a digital production company of film and video, live broadcasts, and Wi-Fi infrastructure with our company we wish to provide you with an insight in our productions, interests and activities. We are focused on keeping on edge with the futures new technology -4K production and streaming. We are engaged in research and cutting-edge trends within digital media – AND we are very eager to share experiences and knowledge with YOU. Internet-based live broadcasts: We produce live broadcast for online streaming of both large and small events. We can help you with, for example, live transmission of a sporting event, the music concert at the community center, or your next general conference. 4K Film Production: We produce commercials, image- and branding films, instructional films, info-movies or a personal video greeting to your website in 4K quality. This way you can deliver your content on all types of screens, in the best quality. Wi-Fi: We work with specialised wi-fi tasks in the open space, both for large and small events, and to enable production of live transmission via Wi-Fi.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to gather all the performers and talented individuals under one banner and to promote their efforts and talent through latest and well equipped production house that met with the innovative style of production. Beside this KP will also promote for the documentary and informative films for the awareness of the audience. To introduce and give chance to new faces to prove their competency and art in kashmir as well as throughout the world.

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